HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse

HP Wi-Fi Mobile MouseHP has released the first Wi-Fi computer mouse called the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse.

It does not have any cables or USB dongle to plug into the computer to receive the signal form the mouse. Usually a wireless mouse makes use of Bluetooth technology to connect the mouse to the PC with a USB dongle.

The HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse uses the computers built in Wi-Fi receiver to connect with the mouse.

The fact that the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse connects via Wi-Fi means that other devices signals will not interfere with it like some other wireless devices.

Netbooks becoming more and more popular, but they only have limited USB ports (one or two at most). Therefore having a wireless mouse that does not take up a USB port is great.


Some additional features of the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse:

  • More than double the battery life of a mouse that uses Bluetooth technology, of up to 9 months.
  • It has 5 customisable buttons for creating shortcuts such as cut, paste, undo and redo.
  • A four-way-tilt scroll button/wheel for scrolling up and down or left and right.
  • It has a range of up to 9 meters.
  • It is made with rubber sides for comfort and is suitable for both left and right hand.


The HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is said to go on sale in the US in June 2011 and will retail for $49.99 (R350). For more information click here.


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3D Movies Back To Normal With 2D Glasses

2D Glasses3D Movies are not popular with everyone. Some say watching 3D movies is bad for your eyes, and other say it is totally harmless.

Regardless of whether it is harmful or not we all have our personal preferences as with choosing to watch a movie in 2D or 3D. The problem is that these days the option to watch the latest movies in 2D becomes less and less.

Now there are 2D Glasses to watch the latest 3D movies in 2D.

3D Movies are generated by projecting two superimposed images through two different polarised filters. The 3D glasses have different polarized lenses according to the filter use to project the images. This causes each eye to see a different image creating a 3D illusion.

The 2D glasses have the same polarised filter for both lenses, letting the same image through both and removing the illusion of 3D. (To see a diagram of exactly how it works click here)

These 2D Glasses are for sale at www.2d-glasses.com for $9.99 (This price includes shipping).

Do you like 3D movies or do still prefer 2D movies, and if you prefer 2D movies would you buy these 2D glasses?

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Hoe MAL kan ‘n mens wees…?

Met al die krieket knoeiery wat deesdae in krieket gesien word is dit genoeg om van mal te word.  Hierdie speler se trui sê presies hoe mal dit mens kan maak.

Mens sou dink dat na die Hansie Cronjé skandaal destyds, die euwel uitgeroei sou wees. Die mens is maar nooit tevrede met wat hy het nie.

Drie Pakistan spelers was nou onlangs die fokus punt in die grootste knoeiskandaal tot op hede. Hierdie voorvalle veroorsaak dat krieket ondersteuners alle geloofwaardigheid in die uitkoms van krieket wedstryde verloor.

Die groot vraag is nou of die sport hierdie knou sal kan oorleef…

Los ‘n komentaar hier

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PRM – 2010 SA Blog Toekennings FINALIS

Vote for this BlogMet al julle ondersteuning het PRM deurgedring na die volgende rondte in die  2010 Suid Afrikaanse Blog Toekennings.

PRM is nou amtelik ‘n FINALIS in die kategorie “Best Indigenous Language Blog“.  Nou moet die wenners van elke  kategorie gekies word.

Julle semme tel 60% en die beoordeelaars se stemme 40%.  So maak seker om elke 24 uur hier te stem vir PRM.

Baie dankie vir almal se getroue ondersteuning.




Vreemde Posbusse

Hier is ‘n paar interesante posbusse wat afgeneem is.  Mens wonder partykeer waar die mense die tyd kry vir sulke nuttelose dinge.  Dit maak darm die lewe bietjie meer interesant vir die res van ons.